FranzBardon stejnar

Capa da 2ª edição do livro.

Franz Bardon: Fatos e Histórias sobre um Iniciado (título original: Franz Bardon: Tatsachen und Anekdoten um einen Eingeweihten) é uma biografia sobre Franz Bardon escrita por Emil Stejnar, cuja segunda edição será publicada pela Editora Ibera em 2010.



My information I have from talking to people who knew Franz Bardon in person, accompanied, for example, with his daughter Marie Špičková, with his close collaborator Maria Pravica, with the son of his friend Wilhelm Quintscher, Ing Ernst Quintscher, and Oskar Kocil of Bardon as this was a hypnotist and clairvoyant performances and lecturing. By Annemarie Aeschbach, still the Swiss OTO and Illuminati member of the Order of Franz Bardon heads, I got valuable information. Many things I gather from the lively correspondence, which I used for years with Bardon's widow, and wrote the letters from Bardon to friends and publishers. And last but not least, I think he has even inspired me to write this book, by the advice which invaded me in addition to his readers could come from his thoughts.